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So Fly Kids Camp includes a nutritious, delicious lunch from our friends at Organic Kids LA. We also provide healthy snacks, so your camp experience is as stress free as possible!

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In the summer of 2011 when her child was nearly a year old, owner Lisa Rotondi began making baby food for friends. The operation turned into a home/frozen meal delivery service for busy families as well as a stand at local farmer’s markets throughout Los Angeles. Families started asking if they could send the delivered meals for their children’s lunches and voila, Organic Kids L.A. was born. 

Everyone at OKLA cares about the food first. We are feeding children, and we spend a lot of time, money and energy on keeping our quality to the highest standards. If children are eating food that's nourishing AND tastes delicious, they can focus and learn and hopefully take a little bit of their happy bellies into the rest of their lives.

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Organic and local fresh fruits and vegetables, whenever possible

A variety of balanced and nutritious offerings

No MSG or high fructose corn syrup

100% trans-fat free, Hormone-free, and antibiotic-free poultry, meats and dairy

No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners

how it works

late ordering

  1. If you are a new customer, click "REGISTER" on Organic Kids LA HERE

  2. On the Kid's List page, click on the upper right hand corner 

  3. When choosing "school" please enter So Fly Kids

We love and appreciate orders in as far in advance as possible (you may do so up to 2 months in advance), but if you want to order weekly or even daily, it's up to you. Just as long as your orders are placed before midnight the night before, you can order however you like. Procrastination never tasted this good!

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