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SFK is committed to keeping our students dancing and learning online. Live videos are available for you to stream. If you aren't already a VIP and want to become one, click the link below to visit our Digital Dance page to register. There you can gain access to Pre-Recorded lessons with tons of bonus content and fun!

Live Stream Instructions

  1. Click the "Watch Live Video" link beside your regularly scheduled class.

  2. Please be patient if for some reason it doesn't start right away and instead, watch the warm-up of one of our of dozens of pre-recorded videos (link above) and then, try again. 

  3. All Live Streams are approximately 30-45 minutes. This is because, unlike a usual class, our instructor does not have to wait for each dancer to take their turn, etc. If you would like a full hour of class- any one of our bonus videos (link above) are available. 

  4. All live-streamed videos will be uploaded and made available to you (link above) within 24 hours. 

*all classes are at Pacific Standard Time


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