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Spanish Time!

Begins May 1st!


4:30, Ages 3.5 to 5

5:00, Ages 5 to 7


Our introductory immersion class will have your child communicating in Spanish in no time! Whether your child knows some words or none at all, this is a great class to learn everyday vocabulary with the goal of forming simple short sentences. Our teacher, Michelle Colon Garcia, a native Spanish speaker from Puerto Rico, and has been a childhood educator for over 10 years. Everyday topics will be introduced, like greetings, colors, numbers, days of the week, opposites, verbs, foods and more!  Once the children become familiar with new words they will start communicating with each other in Spanish and forming sentences. 

  • Fun and educational lessons

  • Planned lessons that build vocabulary and encourage conversation

  • Learn through play, songs & rhymes, arts and crafts and acting out short scenes that reinforce the lesson of the day

  • Use of all 5 senses to understand lessons

  • Complete Spanish immersion, with an emphasis on acquiring a clear, native accent.

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