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What are the camp hours? 
Camp hours are from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Campers will be dropped off and picked up at the Randy Johnson Park Bluff Creek Fields.

Extended care is available from 3:30pm to 5:00pm for $20/day.

What is the youngest age that can attend your camp?
So Fly Kids summer camp is for children ages 4* through 11 (*Must be potty trained)

What is the staff to camper ratio? 1:8 Adult/Child ratio

What should my child wear/bring to camp? 
DAILY- Campers should wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes, and should arrive with sunscreen already applied. Lunch and snacks are provided. Please bring a water bottle. No backpacks (except on Tues/swim day for SUMMER CAMP) or lunches. 


TUESDAY- Please have your camper arrive with swim suits under their clothes.

Campers will bring, water bottle, and a backpack with a towel and and change of clothes.

WEDNESDAY- Please arrive in So Fly Kids T-shirt and bring a water bottle. No backpacks.

*Please make sure all items are clearly labeled.

What is NOT allowed at camp? (Applies to campers AND CIT'S)
Cell phones, iPads, game devices, toys, gum/candy or weapons. 

What if my child is sick or misses a day of camp, can you refund the day(s)?
We do not refund for sick or missed days of camp. 

What if my child has allergies or specific medical/dietary needs?
Please include this information when registering your child. Also, on your child’s first day of camp you can inform the summer camp Director of any special medical needs or allergies. 

What is the deadline for signing up for camp? 
You can sign up for camp as long as there is space available.

Do you give refunds? 

There are no refunds or credits for missed/sick days.
Refund requests prior to 4 weeks of camp start date will incur a $50 per week charge. Refund requests between 2 and 4 weeks will incur a $100 a week charge. Refund requests received less than 2 weeks prior to the camp start date, are NOT ELIGIBLE for a refund.

*However, you may transfer weeks, pending availability and you will have priority over those on any waitlist. Please EMAIL US to transfer.


Is there camp on July 4th? (Summer)
There is NO Camp on Thursday, July 4th, 2019.


Where will the campers go on Swim days?
Santa Monica Swim Center - 2225 16th Street Santa Monica, CA 90405.

What if my young camper can't swim very well, or at all?

All campers start (and stay if needed) in the baby/splash pool which is 2.5 FEET DEEP, with one lifeguard on every corner (4 lifeguards total). Additionally, all SFK Camp Counselors are in the water with the swimmers, and Coast Guard certified puddle jumper/life jackets are offered upon request/need. 


why so fly kids camp?

SFK owner and mom of two, Tanya Fishburn, attended summer camp every year in her home town of Mililani Hawaii, from age 5 through 12.  During her first year of college, she began her career working with children as a camp counselor for the YMCA. Tanya was promoted to YMCA Site Director at the age of 19- leading seven group leaders, and over 200 children, and has been working with children ever since.

When enrolling her own children in summer camp, Tanya found the camps in Los Angeles to be very different from the ones she remembered fondly as a child growing up in Hawaii.


While week-long specialized camps were ok sometimes, she missed the all inclusive camps that lasted all summer, and that included swimming, exciting field trips, outdoor play/sports, art, cooking, and other unique specialties, EVERY WEEK, all within one camp.  

After adding in an included, delicious, nutritious lunch (because, mom-life), 

So Fly Kids Camp, Playa Vista was born!

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