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classes start septEMBER 7!

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Whether on campus, or at the CenterPointe Club, SFK is proud to have been teaching dance & Musical Theatre to PVES children since 2010!

SFK offers transportation and is able to pick-up your student right after-school and drive them 1 mile down the road to SFK Academy of Dance!

We are offering Hip-Hop on TUESDAYS & MUSICAL THEATRE on THURSDAYS (ages 5 & up.



TUESDAYS, 1:38 - 2:45

Hip-Hop dance is a fun-filled and energetic class. The fundamentals of old, and new-school hip-hop dance will be taught including, warm-up, stretching, and skills such as, popping, locking, waving, free-styling, and breakdancing tricks, to precisely choreographed routines. As students progress through our program, choreography will become more complex and intricate. Ages 5 & up.


Musical Theatre

THURSDAYS, 2:38 - 3:55

In this dance-based musical theater class, students will bring familiar stories & movies, to the stage! By incorporating basic dance & musical theater technique including scene study, voice technique, character study, and group choreography, students will perform adaptations such as  “Annie,” “Grease," "The Descendants," and "Peter Pan" to name a few. 

musical theater dance studio
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