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We bring the dance studio to you!

So Fly Kids has perfected the ability to provide premier, studio quality dance classes, in any setting. Our program is currently providing classes in preschools, elementary schools, after-school enrichment programs, and private community clubs, throughout Los Angeles & Orange County.

We are dedicated to helping kids succeed in all areas of their life by building their self esteem & self confidence through dance. So Fly Kids works with parents and other schools to help ensure our program contributes to a well-rounded education for each child. We are dependable, professional, and we care about our students.

Our goal is to give each child a solid grounding in the fundamentals of dance, while building coordination, strength, balance, and life long love of movement, and creative self-expression.

Our instructors have been classically trained at some of the top dance studios and companies around the world. Most importantly, our instructors have extensive experience working with children, including volunteer work, special needs, and inner city outreach, and thrive on teaching proper technique while making dance FUN!

If you are interested in bringing So Fly Kids dance classes

to your school or community, please email us! 

Los Angeles/Westside/Southbay:


 schools we've danced with

New World Montessori, Del Rey Christian Children's Center, Young Minds PreSchool, Montessori Preschool, Turning Point School, Brentwood School, Echo Horizons, S.M.A.S.H., Franklin Elementary School, Grant Elementary School, Buckley School, Westside Neighborhood School, Knox Presbyterian Nursery School, Beth Shir Shalom School, Temple Akiba Preschool, Will Rogers Learning Community, McKinley Elementary School, Edison Language Academy, PS1 Pluralistic School, Chalk Preschool, Playa Vista Elementary

*We will have a completed performance ready to show off to the parents on the last day of every session, or at your school assembly, holiday show, or special event!

Toddler/Pre-School Dance

Our instructors will get our littlest dancers moving to music with imagery, stretching, basic dance technique, & creative dances/choreography.

At this age we can do a general preschool dance curriculum, or emphasize a particular style such as hip-hop or ballet.
*We can also do a preschool dance & gymnastics combo class.

Gymnastics/Tumbling (Pre-School - 6th Grade)

Basic gymnastics technique will be taught, including, warm-up, stretches, and basic tumbling and balance beam skills. Achieve strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility, while building a great foundation for more advanced gymnastics, dance, and other sports!
*We can also do a preschool dance & gymnastics combo class.

Musical Theatre! (Pre-School - 8th Grade)

In this dance-based musical theater class, students will bring familiar stories & movies, to the stage. By incorporating basic dance & musical theater technique, and group choreography, students will perform adaptations from “Annie,” “Frozen,” “Cinderella,” “Grease,” & “The Little Mermaid,” to name a few.

Ballet (Pre-School - 8th Grade)

Basic Royal Academy ballet technique and terminology will be taught with proper warm-up, stretches, center combinations, and across the floor.

Dancers will work on posture, arms, proper turn-out, turns, and leaps.

Jazz/Hip-Hop (K - 8th Grade)

We will teach a combination of jazz technique and the fundamentals of hip-hop movement. All of our dance classes begin with a warm-up, stretching, isolations, across the floor, and end with fun combinations & dance choreography to popular (and always age appropriate) music.

Hip-Hop & Breakdancing (K - 8th grade)

The fundamentals of old, and new-school hip-hop dance will be taught including, warm-up, stretching, and skills such as, popping, locking, waving, freestyling, and breakdancing, in precisely choreographed routines.

Also available: Ballet/Tap combo, Dance & Tumbling combo (very popular at preschools)

our in/after

school class offerings

why dance and music?

  • Dance & music stimulates right & left brain inclusion, spatial development, sequential learning, and improves academic performance.

  • Dance lessons promote confidence, self-esteem, listening skills, self-discipline, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, imagination, creative expression, and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Children who study dance and music score significantly higher than the national average on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

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