dress code

SFK Studio Boutique is a Revolution Dancewear authorized retailer that caries high-quality shoes, tights, leotards, and other dancewear items below the cost of retail prices. Our shoe prices are comparable to dance shoes you can find elsewhere, but are of a much higher quality. All class Dress Code items are REQUIRED. If you are unable to receive your dresscode items prior to your first class, please dress comfortably and bring bring clean socks for all classes except Hip-Hop. For Hip-Hop, please bring CLEAN, (not worn on your way to the studio) sneakers that can be put on inside. 

Why a dress code?

  • A dress code is standard at most accomplished dance institutions.

  • It allows teachers and dancers to see proper alignment of shoulders, center, back, hips, knees, and ankles resulting in proper teaching and execution of technique.

  • A dress code creates uniformity in class, and is part of the discipline of dance.

  • Learning to dance and work together as a team can be more easily achieved by removing the distraction of different dancewear.

  • Like martial arts, the different colors (and styles), represent growth to the next level of dance which give dancers a goal they can strive to attain.

  • Outside of our annual recital, SFK is sometimes offered performance opportunities in our community. Our uniform dresscode allows for us to be performance ready throughout the year. 

  • If you already have shoes prior to starting at SFK, you may wear them, but, our particular brand/color/style must be purchased, and arrive, prior to our annual recital. 

The following must NOT be worn in any class, at any time:

  • Jeans, skirts, dresses, school or play clothes.

  • Jewelry (including watches or fitbits). Stud/small earrings okay. 

  • Satin ballet slippers or patent leather tie tap shoes.

  • Shoes that have been worn outside. 

  • Underwear with leotards (that is why we wear tights).


  • Must pulled back and away from the face in a ponytail, braid, or bun. (All Classes)

  • A bun is preferred for Classical Ballet Jr/I, and required for Classical Ballet II, III and Pre-Pointe.