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Swim Policies


Playa Vista Swim Lessons are for Playa Vista Residents ONLY.

Unless otherwise noted, Swim Lessons are Located at: 

The CenterPointe Club, 6200 Playa Vista Drive (Oval Pool)

All children 3 and under, or not potty trained, MUST wear a properly fitted swim diaper under their bathing suit.

Swim lessons/classes are WEEKLY, with 4 lessons per month. Please see the swim calendar on our main swim page or in your welcome email for swim on/off dates. There are no 'sessions,' and classes are ongoing. You are billed upon registration, and then on the 14th or of every month for the month to follow. For example if you register April 1st, you will be charged your monthly fee (plus reg fee if applicable), and then you will be charged again on April 14th for May. You may cancel your ongoing classes at any time as long as you notify us in writing, to, prior to the 14th of the month, for the month to follow. For example, if you decide to no longer take lessons in September, you must email us prior to August 14. We do not pro-rate for sickness or missed classes but we do pro-rate for registration made mid-month, so you may start any time. 


**Residents will need to follow all county guidelines as posted by PVPAL. 

cancellation / make-up policies

At So Fly Kids Swim, we believe that children are most successful in a consistent learning environment. Because of that, we encourage you to attend your regularly scheduled swim class as often as possible. 

At the same time, we realize that our families have unavoidable conflicts and cannot attend their lessons. Therefore, as a courtesy to our clients, we offer 1 make-up* class per month with 24-hour notice. If your family is consistently missing more than one class per month, please let us assist you in finding a time that better suits your needs. Unfortunately, due to the extremely limited spots per course, we can not offer make-ups for any missed CORE (5 Day Intensive) classes.

Make-ups may be scheduled HERE

make-up requirements

  • Make-ups (for any private, semi, or group class other than CORE) take place in our prescheduled “Make-up” class slots ONLY and can be scheduled ONLINE, first come, first served.

  • To qualify for a makeup, you must let us know 24-hours of your absence via email at

  • Do NOT schedule/reschedule with your instructor.

  • Makeups are based on availability and are not guaranteed. 

  • We do not guarantee the same teacher for your makeup class. 

  • You may not receive any type of refund or credit for a missed class.

  • Make-up lessons must be completed within 30 days of the missed lesson or they will be forfeited.

  • We do not offer make-ups for CORE/5 Day Intensive classes.

office communication

So Fly Kids Office ( is the main point of contact for all communication regarding your swim schedule. All schedule changes must be made through the So Fly Kids office ONLY (and NOT your instructor) - including but not limited to date/time changes, location of lesson changes, cancellations and payment updates.

weather policy

We conduct swim lessons in all kinds of weather - clouds, rain and all.

Children find it fun to swim in the rain! The only reason we would cancel the lesson is if there is thunder and/or lightning within 15 minutes before or during the lesson.

In that case, we would get out of the pool immediately and reschedule the lesson. 

If you would prefer to cancel your lesson due to weather conditions (or any other circumstance) please contact our office at least 24 hours in advance of your class to cancel, and in that situation, our usual “make-up policies” apply.

Lessons are not eligible to be rescheduled due to chilly weather or rain if the class is canceled with less than 24-hours notice.

shared lesson make-up policy

When you share a lesson with a friend or sibling (Semi Private or Group) you get billed at a group rate. Because of this, make up lessons cannot be honored for a single child. That is, if one child can't make it on a particular day but the other child/children can make it that day, we wouldn't be able to honor a makeup class for the one child who can't make it -- that child would simply have to forfeit his/her class. OR, for Semi-Private lessons, another option would be for the pairing, with 24 hours or more notice, to make-up their lesson together (ONLINE, first come first served “make-up class”).

For GROUP lessons, you may, if room allows, make-up within another same age scheduled class (i.e. Parent & Me 1-2 year olds). 

health policy

  • As per California Code 3121B.22: Persons having currently active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea within the previous 14 days shall not be allowed to enter the pool water. 

  • All children 3 and under, or not potty trained MUST wear a properly fitted swim diaper under their bathing suit. 


**If an incident occurs that requires management to shut down the pool for treatment, and PVPAL notes that it was an SFK student during swim class, a fee of $200 will be assessed to cover the charges associated with treatment.

If this happens, I understand that I will be responsible for this charge. 

**Residents will need to follow all county guidelines as posted by PVPAL

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