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counselor-in-training program

Helping Our Campers Become Career-Ready

Our counselor-in-training program provides young teens (13-15 years), who aspire to work with children, the opportunity to develop leadership skills in  a creative and safe and fun environment.  


Additionally, CIT’s should show responsibility, enthusiasm, and a willingness to grow.  SFK CITs volunteer for a minimum one week long session, contributing their time and effort in exchange for valuable work experience and training. 

SFK CITs will learn: 

• Group leadership skills

• How to lead camp activities and rotations

• How to handle typical camp situations in a mature and responsible manner

• Child management skills

• How to be a positive role model

SFK CITs will be responsible for:

  • Actively participating with their groups in all camp activities and helping to supervise field trips and bus rides.

  • Engaging in meetings, discussions, and trainings with other CIT’s and staff.

  • Committing to entire 1- week session.

  • Having FUN! 

Each 1-week session is $100 for Spring & Winter, & $150 for Summer

*Includes Camp Shirt, and all camp activity fees

Please see the appropriate page for which week(s) to register!

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