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Holiday, Birthday, or just a little something for a special person. 

The gift of dance is probably the best gift of all!

Dance Classes


Value of $89


Value of $178


Value of $267

*Dance Class gift certificates come with a free

SFK tee! Please indicate dancers size when

purchasing this gift certificate

Monetary Value





*Can be used for anything within So Fly Kids Inc - Swim, Birthday Parties, Dance Tuition, Clothing Items, etc.

Gift Certificates can be purchased/picked up at SFK front desk!

Fill out this request form to have your gift certificate bag ready when you come in! 

Gift Certificates Policies


April 1st through July 4th (Due to recital season)

Gift Certificates do not expire.

Dance Class Gift Certificates can only be used in 4, 8 and 12 consecutive week increments, meaning - you cannot split up a 2 month GC for November and then for January.

Gift Certificates cannot be cashed in. No exceptions.

Families cannot transfer Gift certificates to other families.

Each Gift Certificate has a unique five digit/letter code, that code should

be entered into the discount code box when registering for classes online.

Your code can only be used one time. Once your code is entered into

our system, it will then deem that code unusable.

Payment can only be processed in person at the SFK front desk. 

Credit cards accepted except for American Express. No checks. No Cash.

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