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Paths of a Dancer

We are often asked, "How many dance classes per week should my dancer be taking?" With no one size fits all answer, let's talk about Age and Goals!

  1. RECREATIONAL Dancer: To have fun and stay fit healthy!
  2. DEVELOPMENTAL - ASPIRATIONAL Dancer: To build a solid technical foundation that transitions into things like high school dance teams and supports other activities like gymnastics and other sports! To achieve this, like any other sport (or math for that matter) you need to be taking classes several times a week for muscle memory and progress. 

I am 3- 4 years!

1 - 2 CLASSES PER WEEK: Have fun in your Ballet Babies, Ballet/Tap, Hip Hop Kids, or Acro class!

I am 5 years OLD!

Recreational: 1-2 Classes

Developmental: 2 - 3 Classes

Taking 2 Ballet/Tap a week or Ballet/Tap & either Jazz or Acro is highly recommended. Whatever you do, don't drop that Ballet/Tap as the ballet learned at this age will have great payoffs in years to come! If Hip-Hop/Breakdancing is your thing, Acro will help tremendously with those Breakdancing tricks!
*Strong Foundation Recomendation: Ballet/Tap, Jazz & Acro

I am 6 - 8 years OLD!

Where to start depends a lot on what style of dance you’re most interested in. Do you want to dance Ballet? Start taking at least two Ballet classes each week. Is Jazz your style? Supplementing your Jazz classes with one Ballet and one Acro class is vital if you want to progress in Jazz. Or maybe you’re into Tap or Hip Hop? Ballet will help with those, too! Jazz or Acro is a good alternative if you really don’t want to take Ballet, but all will help you develop the flexibility, strength, and body control all dancers need.
*Strong Foundation Recomendation: 2 Classical Ballet, Jazz & Acro

Recreational: 2 - 3 Classes

Developmental: 3 - 4 Classes

I am 9 years to teen!

Same as above with the addition of taking Pre-Pointe class to eventually progress to Pointe.
*Strong Foundation Rec: 2 Classical Ballet, 
Pre-Pointe, Jazz & Acro

Recreational: 3 - 4 Classes

Developmental: 4 - 5 Classes

A Note about DANCE TEAM:
Auditions for our SFK Performance Team will be held ANNUALLY.
SFK TEAM requires FOUR weekly dance classes as follows: 
1) Classical Ballet, 2) Acro,
3) Required Team Class 4) Class of Choice

More info on SFK Performance Team and a sign up to audition can be found HERE! 

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